5 ways to make it easier to move with children

If you think acting as an adult is stressful for you, imagine how frustrating it is for kids. From a professional moving service to signing a rental agreement, etc. While you may have to worry about the logistics of going, your kids need to deal with this tremendous change. It’s overwhelming even at the best of times, but there are a few things you can do to make it easier.

Tell them in advance

From an adult’s point of view, it seems that a child lives a stress-free life. After all, they don’t have to worry about going to work or bills. However, children have little control over most of their lives, and if you have to move because of work or other circumstances, your kids have little to say about it. Instead of waiting until the last minute to let them know about the move, prepare them in advance. A month or two in advance is usually a good time because it gives kids time to process information without worrying about any future changes. Of course, it is not always possible to give them such notice in advance, but let them know as soon as possible.

Moving together with children

When explaining the movement, don’t just focus on the changes. Kids love routine, and changes in routine can be scary. Instead, you can use it in your room, school (if that’s the case), etc. to lessen your anxiety. Focus on things that stay the same, such as items.

Also, make sure you stick to your normal routine as much as possible with all these upcoming changes (packing, handling, etc.). Eat at the same time, read them a bedtime story, etc. This will help your kids feel normal and be more in control.

Include them

Everyone feels better when they are part of the planning process, and children are no exception. Instead of making all the decisions yourself, involve the children. It makes them feel that their contribution is important, thus reducing their overall stress levels.

So how do you include them? If you haven’t chosen an apartment yet, now is the time to create a family wish list and make sure you can fulfill at least one of your child’s wishes, whether it’s near a backyard, a larger bedroom, or a courtyard. . When you take your kids’ opinions into account, they’ll be excited about the action as they’re looking forward to something.

As for the main part of the packaging, it’s probably a better idea to handle that part yourself because you’ll be packing better and faster than your child. However, it can be used for vacuuming your room, packing a box of toys, etc. You can include them in other ways, such as. It will keep them active and engaged.

Let them plan your room

If your kids are big enough, let them come up with ideas on how to decorate their room. Giving them too many options can be a bit difficult, so offer 2-3 options instead. For example, when choosing a room color, present a couple that you know they love. The process may take a little longer, but the end result will be more comfortable on the go and will even like their new room more than before.

Let them plan the nursery

For older kids, you can let them choose how to organize their room and really arrange their bedrooms to their liking. If he looks a little overwhelmed, help him and give him some suggestions on how he organizes his room.

Let them say goodbye

Even if you move within New York City, moving from one neighborhood to another means leaving behind all the familiar people and places your kids know and love. It’s natural for them to be sad, so let them feel a little sad, but also encourage them to channel sadness in more productive ways. You can do this as follows:

Have your child create a notebook of their old house and neighborhood. It’s a great way to revisit your favorite places and remember good times. At the end, be sure to include a photo of the new house or apartment.

Make a plan to stay in touch with your kids’ connected friends or other loved ones, whether it’s Skype calls, phone calls, or even a game date. Farewell thanks to technology does not mean goodbye forever.

If you are moving schools, make sure your children can say goodbye to friends before moving.

Plan extra time on the moving day for your child to walk around the apartment and say goodbye to each room. It may sound silly, but it’s a great way to get them to accept the change.

Wait for all the feelings

Even after following these steps, you will probably have to deal with tears and even a little fear, and this is perfectly normal. His whole world is changing for your child! So make sure you talk to them calmly and try to calm fears and sadness as much as you can. However, let them express their feelings. Most importantly, be there and let them know that you understand what they are going through.

Also make sure you set a good example for your children by controlling your own emotions. Movement can be extremely frustrating for adults, and it’s easy to lose control of your emotions at times. However, it’s best to stay calm and collected as much as possible. This will set a good example for your children, and if they see that everything is under your control, they will be less likely to explode. Hopefully, after applying these tips, you can ease your stress, not just your kids. But the most important tip is to take the time to have fun while on the move. You and your family will be much more relaxed and full of energy.


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